CareerStorm Navigator - career and life navigation tool

CareerStorm Navigator is a set of web-based career and life development tools that engage people into honest and meaningful dialogues about their career and life objectives.

Our tools have been used worldwide by e.g., Career Innovation Company, Oxford University and Helsingin Sanomat.



In the fast changing world, people need to assess the direction of their career on multiple occasions. CareerStorm Navigator helps the individual design a "map and compass to navigate his/her life".  The tool is currently available only to career development professionals, who can offer coaching services along with the tool.

Helps coaches, consultants, career counsellors and other career services staff understand their clients strengths and goals and address key issues faster. Available in 6 languages, used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 20 countries, recommended by the What Color is Your Parachute? -book,  this tool is used in outplacement, MBA schools & universities, career coaching, leadership coaching and recruitment companies.


The first and largest and leading virtual company in Finland, UP Partners has been using CareerStorm Navigator for the past 10 years with thousands of coaching clients. Coaches report that it significantly increases the amount of results that can be gained even in a short coaching process. They also find that the tool fits their philosophy of an individual as an active agent in designing his/her own life. CareerStorm Navigator is empowering and strentghens the resiliance and resourcefulness of the client, because of it constructivist theoretical foundation. The individual remains the author of his/her life throughout the process.


Learn UP - online learning platform

Offers a tailored solution to effective and insightful online learning. Consists of videos, independent tasks and group tasks. Available in Finnish and English and used by UP Partners to offer online courses to Professional Associations, Government organizations and Organizations.

Connect UP - phone coaching services platform

Saves time and money and helps coordinate coaching services. Invaluable tool for companies offering extensive phone coaching services. Designed for UP Partners, this platform has been in commercial use since January 2009. Currently, over 220 000 members of various professional associations and unions in Finland can book a time for personal phone coaching through Connect UP.

Learn UP - online learning toolkit

Enables companies to design their learning materials based on learning outcomes. Makes online learning enjoyable, tracks progress, links to other online tools (e.g. Self Leader & CareerStorm Navigator), supports learning together in small groups. Learn UP can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone, taking learning to where people are.  

Ci Zone™ Career Tools

Career Innovation study in 1999 concluded that Generation X employees are committed to developing their own career rather than staying loyal to any particular employer. This helped explain why many companies were struggling with retention.

UP Tools was invited to create a resource that would address this challenge of retention. As a result during a 6-month period a comprehensive tool kit was designed and implemented. The Ci Zone™ encourages open discussion about career objectives and opportunities in organizations.